Teaching Climate Change In Schools

Teaching Climate Change In Schools

Welcome to SubjectToClimate's Teaching Climate Change resource guide, designed to make climate change education accessible for every classroom, regardless of grade level. Whether you're looking to develop a climate change curriculum or just hoping for some easy ways to discuss the impacts of climate change with your students, this guide has everything you need! Inside, you will find all types of materials, from introductory lesson plans to interactive SEL activities and other climate science resources, each hand-picked to make teaching about climate change simple, fun, and rewarding. Encourage learners to take climate action today!

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SubjectToClimate's Teaching Climate Change guide is designed to simplify teaching about climate change. Through these educational resources, we aim to help you integrate climate change into every classroom. These resources will help foster critical thinking skills, climate literacy, and a deeper understanding of Earth. Join us in shaping a brighter, more sustainable future together and empower young people with a passion for the environment today.

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